Product Guide

Pre-Tied Headscarves:

Pretied headscarves are a soft and comfortable headscarf used by women who cover for modesty purposes, medical or hormonal hair loss, food prep, or any other cause. The are also known as pre-tied bandanas and are easy on easy off headcovers that are available in tons of great color’s prints and styles. We offer several types of Pretieds

Regular Pre-tied Headscarves: These one size fits most are great for most women looking for a headscarf.

Large Pre-tied Headscarves: Ideal for women with a larger heads.

Kids Pre-tieds: Great for children dealing with hair loss.

Pre-tieds with Height: These pre-tieds have a strip of foam sewn into the front that makes it ideal for women looking for a headcovering that provides an illusion of height.


Traditional pre-tied turbans have been a popular womens headcovering for ages. The Knotted twist front provies a look of height. Our turbans are made from lightweight natural fabric and come in tons of great colors and prints.

Classic Snoods:

Cloth Snoods are comfortable and a great womens headcover and the knotted twist front gives it a great turban look. We offer solid colored turbans as well as ones with great printed patterns! All our turbans are made from soft lightweight natural fibers and are really comfortable.

Sleep Caps & Undercover Beanies:

Comfortable lightweight natural fiber fabric beanies are used by women undergoing hair loss as plain hats or undercovers for various scarves or hats. They are also used as cover for sleeping. We offer them in a wide variety os solid colors as well as great patterns.

Wig & Scarf Grip:

Made from velour fabric this adjustable headband is worn under wigs, headscarves and snoods to keep them securely in place without the needs for pins or clips. It’s one of our most popular products.